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Samsung SyncMaster 570V TFT 15" Flatscreen Display
Samsung SyncMaster 570V TFT 15
The 570V shows a nod towards the impending power crisis which is gripping areas like California with rolling black outs and power shortages.
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Samsung SyncMaster 570V TFT 15" Flatscreen Display

Of the many types of flat panel displays entering the market place there would seem to be one distinct separation. That dividing line revolves around the bases. Some panels can be removed from their bases and others are steadfastly attached. Of course, there are pros and cons to each configuration.

Typically the displays which are permanently attached have the power supply hidden within the display's base. This saves room on the electrical outlet, which can get clogged with lots of AC Adapters taking up valuable plug room. Display's which have removable bases offer the added advantage that the display can be wall mounted (with the appropriate mounting fixtures) to save even more desk real-estate. In the case of the Samsung SyncMaster flat panel series, alternate bases can be had to accommodate different tastes, and user requirements.

The 570V TFT comes with a very simple base that allows the newer, lower power consuming TFT display to only tilt backwards or forwards. Other display stands, like the one on the SyncMaster 570B, offer integrated audio functionality and portrait/landscape viewing angles. For most of us, these features are superfluous to our daily needs - 90% of the time, our displays will sit perfectly level on our desktop.

The 570V shows a nod towards the impending power crisis which is gripping areas like California with rolling black outs and power shortages. In contrast to earlier TFT displays the 570V TFT uses only 25W of power to operate. The panel itself is 0.297 dot pitch and operates at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

Samsung SyncMaster 570V TFT:

SyncMaster 570V 15" TFT LCD Display

  • 15.0" diagonal, a-si TFT active matrix LCD screen
  • Dot pitch of 0.297mm (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • 75 Hz Preset Refresh Rate, consumes 25Watts power
  • OSD control
  • 1024x768 pixel resolution
  • Plug and play compatible
  • 3 year parts and labor
  • LCD panel Dimensions: 9" high x 12" wide (15.0" diag.)
  • Screen Dimensions: 2.5" thick, 15" wide, 12" high (incl. bezel)
  • Weighs approx. 6.6Kg
  • External universal power supply (90-264 Volt AC)
  • Comes with: 6 foot power cord, drivers, manual, and bundled software
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Cost: ~$800 CDN
  • Important info about buying a TFT display

    We always suggest you test any flat panel display you are considering getting in the store before you pay for it .

    LCD panels are very complex components and most manufactures only guarantee a display to be 99.9% free from defect. That means there can be up to 3 or 5 broken pixels before the display is considered "broken." Broken pixels are individual pixels in the display panel which are stuck on a certain colour, are constantly dim, or are always off. Depending on the location and intensity of a broken pixel they can be next to invisible, or glaringly obvious. While the Samsung 570V we tested had a flawless panel, we have in the past encountered broken pixels with other manufacturers displays. Bottom line, it pays to check the display first , regardless of who makes it.

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     Pg 2.  CRT Displays to TFT Displays
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     Pg 4.  Evaluation Criteria
     Pg 5.  The Details are in the display
     Pg 6.  On screen display:
     Pg 7.  Conclusions on the 570V TFT

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