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Beginners Guides: Internet Connection Sharing
Beginners Guides: Internet Connection Sharing - PCSTATS
Internet sharing is essential if you have more than one PC in your house, and getting it to work isn't that hard once you know what steps to follow.
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External Mfg. Website: PCSTATS Apr 26 2004   M. Dowler  
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Setting up ICS - Win98SE con't

This 'Network Adaptors' screen can get confusing. It will ask you first for the network adaptor you are currently using to connect to the Internet, then for the adaptor you will use to connect you to the rest of your network.

The main problems with this screen are; A) that it will show every network adaptor that has ever been installed in your 98 computer, even ones that have been since removed, and B) since the text box is small, you will not be able to distinguish between identical adaptors since where you would normally see 'mynetworkadaptor#1' and 'mynetworkadaptor#2', here the end is cut off so you cannot see the numbers.

Assuming you are using a cable or DSL connection, select the second option and hit 'next again.

Unfortunately, the only real solution to these issues is to make sure of the names of your respective network adaptors. Using the 'ipconfig /all' command from the MS-DOS prompt will show you the name of each adaptor along with its IP address, so this may be handy in distinguishing them.

First highlight the name of the network adaptor you use for your Internet connection. Hit next. Now highlight the adaptor that connects to the other computers in your network. Next again.

The wizard will inform you that it is going to make an 'Internet Connection Sharing Client Disk.' You don't need this, so when you are prompted to insert a floppy, hit cancel to stop the process. All this disk would do is configure the clients, and you have already done this manually, and maybe learned something at the same time.

Restart Windows when prompted. After you have booted up, your gateway computer should have a new IP address of and be giving out addresses in the 192.168.0.xxx range.

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 Pg 3.  Setting up the client computers in your network
 Pg 4.  Windows 2000/98SE Client Computers
 Pg 5.  Setting up a cable/DSL home router
 Pg 6.  Configuring Router WAN Options
 Pg 7.  Configuring DHCP for Internet Sharing
 Pg 8.  Windows XP/2000 Internet sharing
 Pg 9.  Setting up ICS on Windows 98SE
 Pg 10.  — Setting up ICS - Win98SE con't
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