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Do-It-Yourself Guide: Building a Home Theatre PC / HTPC
Do-It-Yourself Guide: Building a Home Theatre PC / HTPC - PCSTATS
Computers are a perfect fit for the entertainment room, and building a home theatre PC is not more difficult than assembling a standard system - as long as you have the right components for the task.
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External Mfg. Website: PCSTATS Jan 20 2006   M. Dowler  
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Tweaking Windows XP for TV display

As you've probably noticed, the Windows desktop can look less than ideal when displayed on a TV set. While most TV/multimedia playback software that comes with TV-tuner cards is optimized for TV-out display, and so is Windows XP Media centre, a plain old Windows XP desktop can appear blurry and hard to navigate. Let's take a look at some quick tips for mitigating this problem.

Ensure that the start menu is using large icons (right click on start button, hit 'properties' then 'customize' and select the appropriate option.

Use large or extra large fonts for the Windows desktop (go to 'control panel/display' and choose the 'appearance' tab, then choose the appropriate setting from the 'font size' dropdown box.

Clear as many icons off the desktop as possible. Standard icons like the recycling bin can be removed with the aid of the TweakUI program.

Enjoy your new home media centre

There you have it. A simple mid-range computer system in a nice case with the appropriate software becomes an absolute multimedia powerhouse and probably an essential part of your home entertainment setup. Keep in mind that unlike other stereo equipment, your HTPC can be easily upgraded with new hardware and software as it becomes available.

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Contents of Article: PCSTATS Beginners Guides
 Pg 1.  Do-It-Yourself Guide: Building a Home Theatre PC / HTPC
 Pg 2.  Ingredients for a Good HTPC
 Pg 3.  Choosing The Video Card
 Pg 4.  Installing the processor
 Pg 5.  Installing the CPU - Continued
 Pg 6.  Installing the heatsink
 Pg 7.  Installing the DDR Memory
 Pg 8.  Installing hard drives and optical drives
 Pg 9.  Connecting data cables
 Pg 10.  Installing the video card and tv tuner
 Pg 11.  Identifying and connecting the rear ports
 Pg 12.  Connecting the computer to the TV
 Pg 13.  Connecting the Television signal to the TV-tuner
 Pg 14.  — Tweaking Windows XP for TV display

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