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How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour
How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour - PCSTATS
PCSTATS takes you on a guided tour of Gigabyte's Motherboard Factory in Taiwan. There's a lot to producing and testing a single motherboard; a mind-boggling host of automated machines, people and processes. Gigabyte has several other factories in Taiwan and mainland China that each manufacture motherboards, videocards, and other products.
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Testing Stage 2: Full Hardware Tests

This test is designed to establish that each motherboard works correctly under 'normal' operating conditions. Each testing station has a special rack that is lowered pneumatically, automatically plugging in the test PCI and videocards, and port 80 card while the technician attaches IDE cables, memory and processor and heatsink manually. Interestingly, the test CPU is attached to the bottom of the heatsink with adhesive, and the entire assembly is just placed into the socket in one quick movement.

A second pneumatic connector attaches parallel, serial, PS/2 and USB connectors as well as video sound and networking jacks to the rear I/O panel of the motherboard automatically in one go. The tester adds hard drive, CD and floppy cables attached to components hard mounted to each test station.

PCstats Gigabyte Factory Tour
Gigabyte motherboard test center

Hooking up each motherboard for testing takes only about a minute. Once set up, the motherboard is powered on and booted into a DOS test program and the functionality of every component and peripheral is confirmed.

Every motherboard is tested for functionality before moving off to the final stage of testing.

PCstats Gigabyte Factory Tour
Pneumatic test rack clamps down onto completed motherboard to reduce worker fatigue from installing videocards and PCI Port-80 test cards all day long

PCstats Gigabyte Factory Tour
Note the drives mounted into the test rack.

PCstats Gigabyte Factory Tour
A second pneumatic arm holds connectors for the rear I/O ports, right

PCstats Gigabyte Factory Tour
The entire test bed

Each worker handles two test stations at once, while the second is being set up the first is left to run a series of automated tests.

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Contents of Article: Gigabyte
 Pg 1.  How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour
 Pg 2.  Entering the Motherboard Factory
 Pg 3.  First steps in Motherboard Manufacturing
 Pg 4.  SMT Assembly Line
 Pg 5.  SMT Process Continues
 Pg 6.  Pick and Place Chipsets
 Pg 7.  Convection Ovens for PCB
 Pg 8.  In-Circuit Testing and Visual Inspection
 Pg 9.  Gigabyte's Enormous Automated Warehouse
 Pg 10.  SMT Automated Reel Storage
 Pg 11.  The Expensive Goods
 Pg 12.  Manual Assembly (DIP) Line
 Pg 13.  Installing Sockets and Ports
 Pg 14.  Wave Soldering
 Pg 15.  Flowing Over The Molton Solder
 Pg 16.  Buffing and Cleaning
 Pg 17.  — Testing Stage 2: Full Hardware Tests
 Pg 18.  Automated Testing Platforms
 Pg 19.  Testing Stage 3: Burn In
 Pg 20.  Final Motherboard Packaging

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