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PCSTATS Review Listings: MSI
Each motherboard is individually tested for performance and build quality to help you choose the best board for your computer requirements.
MSI P67A-GD65 Motherboards MSI P67A-GD65 Intel P67 Motherboard Review Date: Nov 07, 2011
Model No.: P67A-GD65
MSI P67A-GD65 Motherboards MSI Computer P67A-GD65 Intel P67 Motherboard - FIRST LOOK Date: Dec 24, 2010
Model No.: P67A-GD65
MSI 890FXA-GD70 Motherboards MSI 890FXA-GD70 AMD 890FX Motherboard Review Date: Apr 27, 2010
Model No.: 890FXA-GD70
MSI Eclipse Plus Motherboards MSI Eclipse Plus Intel X58 Express Motherboard Review Date: Jan 04, 2010
Model No.: Eclipse Plus
MSI 785GM-E65 Motherboards MSI 785GM-E65 Motherboard and AMD 785G Chipset Review Date: Aug 13, 2009
Model No.: 785GM-E65
MSI R4830-T2D512-OC Video Cards MSI R4830-T2D512-OC Radeon HD 4830 Videocard Review Date: Dec 17, 2008
Model No.: R4830-T2D512-OC
MSI X48 Platinum Motherboards MSI X48 Platinum Intel X48 Express Motherboard Review Date: Nov 10, 2008
Model No.: X48 Platinum
MSI R3870X2-T2D1G-OC Video Cards MSI R3870X2-T2D1G-OC Radeon HD 3870 X2 Videocard Review Date: Sep 30, 2008
Model No.: R3870X2-T2D1G-OC
MSI P35 Platinum Combo Motherboards MSI P35 Platinum Combo Intel P35 Express Motherboard Review Date: Sep 09, 2008
Model No.: P35 Platinum Combo
MSI K9A2 Platinum Motherboards MSI K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX Motherboard Review Date: Feb 19, 2008
Model No.: K9A2 Platinum
MSI NX8800GT-T2D512E-OC Video Cards MSI NX8800GT-T2D512E-OC Geforce 8800GT Videocard Review Date: Nov 28, 2007
Model No.: NX8800GT-T2D512E-OC
MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo Video Cards MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo Shader Overclocking Geforce 8600GT Videocard Review Date: Nov 07, 2007
Model No.: NX8600GT Twin Turbo
MSI P6N Diamond Motherboards MSI P6N Diamond nForce 680i Motherboard Review Date: Nov 02, 2007
Model No.: P6N Diamond
MSI RX2600XT Diamond Video Cards MSI RX2600XT Diamond Radeon HD 2600XT Videocard Review Date: Oct 22, 2007
Model No.: RX2600XT Diamond
MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital Motherboards MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital AMD 690G Motherboard Review Date: Oct 17, 2007
Model No.: K9AG Neo2-Digital
MSI NX8600GT-T2D256E-OC Video Cards MSI NX8600GT-T2D256E-OC Geforce 8600GT Videocard Review Date: Jul 12, 2007
Model No.: NX8600GT-T2D256E-OC
MSI P35 Platinum Motherboards MSI P35 Platinum Intel P35 Express Motherboard Review Date: Jul 09, 2007
Model No.: P35 Platinum
MSI NX8500GT-TD256E Video Cards MSI NX8500GT-TD256E Geforce 8500GT Videocard Review Date: Jun 25, 2007
Model No.: NX8500GT-TD256E
MSI K9AGM2-FIH Motherboards MSI K9AGM2-FIH AMD 690G Motherboard Review Date: May 11, 2007
Model No.: K9AGM2-FIH
MSI Geforce 8800GTS Video Cards nVidia GeForce 8800GTS 320MB SLI Videocard Head On Comparison Date: May 04, 2007
Model No.: Geforce 8800GTS
MSI NX8600GTS-T2D256E-OC Video Cards MSI NX8600GTS-T2D256E-OC GeForce 8600GTS Videocard Review Date: Apr 19, 2007
Model No.: NX8600GTS-T2D256E-OC
Rating: 349172
MSI NX8800GTS-T2D320E-HD-OC Video Cards MSI NX8800GTS-T2D320E-HD-OC 320MB Geforce 8800GTS Videocard Review Date: Apr 12, 2007
Model No.: NX8800GTS-T2D320E-HD-OC
MSI NX7900GS-T2D512E-OC Video Cards MSI NX7900GS-T2D512E-OC Geforce 7900GS Videocard Review Date: Apr 10, 2007
Model No.: NX7900GS-T2D512E-OC
MSI P6N SLI Platinum Motherboards MSI P6N SLI Platinum nForce 650i SLI Motherboard Review Date: Mar 21, 2007
Model No.: P6N SLI Platinum
MSI NX8800GTX-T2D768E-HD Video Cards MSI NX8800GTX-T2D768E-HD Geforce 8800GTX PCI Express Videocard Review Date: Feb 12, 2007
Model No.: NX8800GTX-T2D768E-HD
MSI K9N Diamond Motherboards MSI K9N Diamond nForce 590 SLI Motherboard Review Date: Dec 29, 2006
Model No.: K9N Diamond
MSI Mega mPC 945 Computer / SFF PCs MSI MEGA mPC 945 Barebones Small Formfactor PC Review Date: Dec 10, 2006
Model No.: Mega mPC 945
MSI P965 Platinum Motherboards MSI P965 Platinum Intel Core 2 Duo Motherboard Review Date: Dec 05, 2006
Model No.: P965 Platinum
MSI 975X Platinum Motherboards MSI 975X Platinum Motherboard Review Date: Nov 30, 2006
Model No.: 975X Platinum
MSI NX7950GX2-T2D1GE Video Cards MSI NX7950GX2-T2D1GE Geforce 7950GX2 Videocard Review Date: Oct 13, 2006
Model No.: NX7950GX2-T2D1GE
MSI NX7900GT-VT256E-HD Video Cards MSI NX7900GT-VT256E-HD HDCP-enabled Geforce 7900GT Videocard Review Date: Oct 08, 2006
Model No.: NX7900GT-VT256E-HD
MSI K9N SLI Platinum Motherboards MSI K9N SLI Platinum nForce 570 SLI Motherboard Review Date: Aug 03, 2006
Model No.: K9N SLI Platinum
MSI NX7600GT-VT2D256E Video Cards MSI NX7600GT-VT2D256E Geforce 7600GT Videocard Review Date: Jul 11, 2006
Model No.: NX7600GT-VT2D256E
MSI K8N Diamond Plus Motherboards MSI K8N Diamond Plus nForce4 SLI x16 Motherboard Review Date: Apr 27, 2006
Model No.: K8N Diamond Plus
MSI NX7300GS-TD256E Video Cards MSI NX7300GS-TD256E Videocard Review Date: Mar 28, 2006
Model No.: NX7300GS-TD256E
MSI NX7900GTX-T2D512E Video Cards MSI NX7900GTX-T2D512E Geforce 7900GTX 512MB Videocard Review Date: Mar 09, 2006
Model No.: NX7900GTX-T2D512E
Rating: 330954
MSI RX1800XT-VT2D512E Video Cards MSI RX1800XT-VT2D512E 512MB-Version RX1800XT Videocard Review Date: Jan 31, 2006
Model No.: RX1800XT-VT2D512E
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D512E Video Cards MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D512E 512MB-version 7800GTX Videocard Review Date: Dec 24, 2005
Model No.: NX7800GTX-VT2D512E
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E Video Cards MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E SLI Videocards Review Date: Oct 04, 2005
Model No.: NX7800GTX-VT2D256E
MSI P4N Diamond Motherboards MSI P4N Diamond NF4-SLI Intel Edition Motherboard Review Date: Sep 13, 2005
Model No.: P4N Diamond
MSI NX6800TD-128E Video Cards MSI NX6800TD-128E Geforce 6800 SLI Videocard Review Date: Jul 31, 2005
Model No.: NX6800TD-128E
MSI Theatre 550 Pro Video Cards MSI Theatre 550 Pro TV Tuner Review Date: Jul 29, 2005
Model No.: Theatre 550 Pro
MSI RX850XT-TD256E Video Cards MSI Radeon RX850XT-TD256E Videocard Review Date: Jul 05, 2005
Model No.: RX850XT-TD256E
MSI RX800XL-VT2D256E Video Cards MSI Radeon RX800XL-VT2D256E Videocard Review Date: Jul 04, 2005
Model No.: RX800XL-VT2D256E
MSI K8N Neo3-F Motherboards MSI K8N Neo3-F Motherboard Review Date: Jun 20, 2005
Model No.: K8N Neo3-F
Rating: 337432
MSI NX6200TC-TD32E Video Cards MSI NX6200TC-TD32E Geforce 6200TC Videocard Review Date: Jun 16, 2005
Model No.: NX6200TC-TD32E
MSI RS480M2-IL Motherboards MSI RS480M2-IL Motherboard Review Date: Jun 14, 2005
Model No.: RS480M2-IL
MSI 661FM3-V Motherboards MSI 661FM3-V Motherboard Review Date: May 30, 2005
Model No.: 661FM3-V
MSI NX6600GT-VTD128SP Video Cards MSI NX6600GT-VTD128SP Videocard Review Date: May 04, 2005
Model No.: NX6600GT-VTD128SP
MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboards MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboard Review Date: Apr 12, 2005
Model No.: K8N Neo4 Platinum
Rating: 583795
MSI NX6800GT-T2D256E Video Cards MSI NX6800GT-T2D256E Geforce 6800GT Videocard Review Date: Mar 31, 2005
Model No.: NX6800GT-T2D256E
MSI Megaview 561 MP3 Players MSI Megaview 561 Portable Multimedia Player Review Date: Mar 09, 2005
Model No.: Megaview 561
MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI Motherboards MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI Motherboard Review Date: Feb 24, 2005
Model No.: K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI
Rating: 354759
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E Video Cards Dual MSI NX6600GT-TD128E SLI Videocard Review Date: Feb 23, 2005
Model No.: NX6600GT-TD128E
MSI NX6600GT Video Cards MSI NX6600GT-VTD128 Geforce 6600GT AGP Videocard Review Date: Jan 13, 2005
Model No.: NX6600GT
Rating: 509987
MSI SW8G Networking MSI SW8G 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Review Date: Jan 12, 2005
MSI DR16-B Optical Drives MSI DR16-B Dual-Layer DVD Burner Review Date: Nov 19, 2004
Model No.: DR16-B
MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum Motherboards MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum Motherboard Review Date: Nov 03, 2004
Model No.: 915P Neo2 Platinum
MSI RX800XT-VTD256E Video Cards MSI Radeon RX800XT-VTD256E Videocard Review Date: Oct 22, 2004
Model No.: RX800XT-VTD256E
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboards MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard Review Date: Oct 01, 2004
Model No.: K8N Neo2 Platinum
Rating: 588453
MSI K8T Neo2-FIR Motherboards MSI K8T Neo2-FIR K8T800 Pro Motherboard Review Date: Aug 25, 2004
Model No.: K8T Neo2-FIR
MSI RX600XT-TD128 Video Cards MSI RX600XT-TD128 PCI Express VIdeocard Review Date: Aug 17, 2004
Model No.: RX600XT-TD128
MSI PCX5750-TD128 Video Cards MSI PCX5750-TD128 PCI-E Videocard Review Date: Jul 25, 2004
Model No.: PCX5750-TD128
MSI X48 Optical Drives MSI X48 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive Date: Jul 03, 2004
MSI K8N Neo-FIS2R Motherboards MSI K8N Neo-FIS2R Platinum NF3-250Gb Motherboard Review Date: May 18, 2004
Model No.: K8N Neo-FIS2R
MSI FX5900XT-VTD128 Video Cards MSI FX5900XT-VTD128 Videocard Review Date: Feb 11, 2004
Model No.: FX5900XT-VTD128
Rating: 314522
MSI FX5700 Ultra-TD128 Video Cards MSI FX5700 Ultra-TD128 Videocard Review Date: Feb 05, 2004
Model No.: FX5700 Ultra-TD128
MSI FX5950 Ultra-VTD256 Video Cards MSI FX5950 Ultra-VTD256 "Red PCB" Videocard Review Date: Feb 04, 2004
Model No.: FX5950 Ultra-VTD256
MSI Megastick 1 MP3 Players MSI MegaStick1 MP3/FM Radio/USB Drive Date: Oct 05, 2003
Model No.: Megastick 1
MSI K8T Neo Motherboards MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R K8T800 Motherboard Review Date: Sep 23, 2003
Model No.: K8T Neo
Rating: 418984
MSI FX5600-VTDR128 Video Cards MSI FX5600-VTDR128 Videocard Review Date: Aug 03, 2003
Model No.: FX5600-VTDR128
MSI FX5900U-VTD256 Video Cards MSI NBox FX5900U-VTD256 Ultra Videocard Review Date: Jul 30, 2003
Model No.: FX5900U-VTD256
MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R Motherboards MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R Motherboard Review Date: Jun 15, 2003
Model No.: 875P Neo-FIS2R
MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R Motherboards MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R i865PE motherboard Review Date: Jun 11, 2003
Model No.: 865PE Neo2-FIS2R
Rating: 346159
MSI FX5200-TDR128 Video Cards MSI FX5200-TDR128 Videocard Review Date: May 08, 2003
Model No.: FX5200-TDR128
MSI E7205 Master-L Motherboards MSI E7205 Master-L Workstation Motherboard Review Date: Apr 23, 2003
Model No.: E7205 Master-L
MSI Metis266 SlimPC Computer / SFF PCs MSI Metis 266 Slim PC System Review Date: Mar 12, 2003
Model No.: Metis266 SlimPC
MSI G4MX440-T8X Video Cards MSI G4MX440-T8X Half Height Videocard Review Date: Mar 11, 2003
Model No.: G4MX440-T8X
MSI CR52-A2 Optical Drives MSI CR52-A2 52x24x52x CD-RW Review Date: Mar 04, 2003
Model No.: CR52-A2
MSI K7N2G-ILSR Motherboards MSI K7N2G-ILSR nForce2 Motherboard Review Date: Feb 19, 2003
Model No.: K7N2G-ILSR
Rating: 306502
MSI G4Ti4600-VT2D8X Video Cards MSI G4Ti4600-VT2D8X Videocard Review Date: Feb 07, 2003
Model No.: G4Ti4600-VT2D8X
MSI K7N2-L Motherboards MSI K7N2-L nForce2 Motherboard Review Date: Jan 30, 2003
Model No.: K7N2-L
Rating: 342880
MSI GNB MAX-FISR Motherboards MSI GNB MAX-FISR Granite Bay Motherboard Review Date: Dec 19, 2002
MSI 845PE Max2-FIR Motherboards MSI 845PE Max2-FIR Motherboard Review Date: Nov 14, 2002
Model No.: 845PE Max2-FIR
MSI G4MX440-VTD8X Video Cards MSI G4MX440-VTD8X Videocard Review Date: Oct 16, 2002
Model No.: G4MX440-VTD8X
MSI Hermies Computer / SFF PCs MSI Hermes 650-P Barebones System Review Date: Oct 12, 2002
Model No.: Hermies
MSI KT4 Ultra-FISR Motherboards MSI KT4 Ultra-FISR KT400 Motherboard Review Date: Sep 26, 2002
Model No.: KT4 Ultra-FISR
Rating: 304759
MSI KT3 Ultra2-BR Motherboards MSI KT3 Ultra2-BR Bluetooth Motherboard Review Date: Sep 04, 2002
Model No.: KT3 Ultra2-BR
MSI G4Ti4600-TD Video Cards MSI Champion Edition G4Ti4600-TD Videocard Date: Sep 03, 2002
Model No.: G4Ti4600-TD
MSI 648 MAX-F Motherboards MSI 648 MAX-F Motherboard Review Date: Sep 03, 2002
Model No.: 648 MAX-F
MSI MS-8340 Optical Drives MSI MS8340 40x12x48 CDRW Burner Review Date: Jul 29, 2002
Model No.: MS-8340
MSI G4Ti4200-VD64 Video Cards MSI G4Ti4200-VD64 Video Card Review Date: Jun 18, 2002
Model No.: G4Ti4200-VD64
MSI G4Ti4600-VTD Video Cards MSI G4Ti4600-VTD GeForce 4 Ti4600 Review Date: May 29, 2002
Model No.: G4Ti4600-VTD
MSI 850 Pro5 Motherboards MSI 850 Pro5 Pentium 4 Motherboard Review Date: May 18, 2002
Model No.: 850 Pro5
MSI 845Pro2 Motherboards MSI 845Pro2 i845 SDRAM Motherboard Review Date: Apr 01, 2002
Model No.: 845Pro2
MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU Motherboards MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU KT333 Motherboard Review Date: Mar 04, 2002
Model No.: KT3 Ultra-ARU
MSI 845 Ultra-ARU Motherboards MSI 845 Ultra-ARU DDR / P4 Motherboard Review Date: Feb 18, 2002
Model No.: 845 Ultra-ARU
MSI Titanium Video Cards MSI Titanium Videocard Lineup Review Date: Jan 07, 2002
Model No.: Titanium
MSI 845Pro2-R Motherboards MSI 845Pro2-R Motherboard Review Date: Nov 23, 2001
Model No.: 845Pro2-R
MSI K7T266-Pro2 RU Motherboards MSI K7T266-Pro2 RU Motherboard Review Date: Nov 01, 2001
Model No.: K7T266-Pro2 RU
MSI MX400 Pro-VT32S Video Cards MSI MX400 Pro-VT32S Video Card Review Date: Sep 25, 2001
Model No.: MX400 Pro-VT32S
MSI 850 Pro2 Motherboards MSI 850 Pro2 P4 Motherboard Review Date: Aug 14, 2001
Model No.: 850 Pro2
MSI StarForce 822 Video Cards MSI StarForce 822 GeForce3 Review Date: Jun 12, 2001
Model No.: StarForce 822
MSI Factory Tour Motherboards Inside MSI Computer Date: Feb 18, 2001
Model No.: Factory Tour
MSI Motherboards MSI's Q1:2001 Motherboard Line-up Date: Dec 31, 2000
MSI K7-Pro Motherboards MSI K7-Pro Motherboard Review Date: Jun 02, 2000
Model No.: K7-Pro
MSI MS-8809 Video Cards MSI MS-8809 GeForce Date: May 15, 2000
Model No.: MS-8809

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